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The UW Health Sports Medicine Sports Nutrition program promotes nutrition practices that enhance lifelong health, fitness and sports performance.

We can teach you about the nutrients unique to your body's needs and how to incorporate them into everyday eating. We can evaluate your current food habits and recommend ways to optimize your nutrition, meet with you to discuss your specific goals, and assist you in learning about a variety of nutrition topics.

Why Get a Nutrition Check-up?

A sports nutrition check-up could be of benefit if you:
  • Want to invest in your health and wellness
  • Are striving to maintain a healthy weight
  • Want to enhance your sports performance
  • Eat on the run and need a more balanced plan
  • Train and compete in endurance sports
  • Want to gain weight, but don't know the best way to do it
  • Nutrition Counseling

Discover your personal nutrition needs by scheduling an appointment with a registered dietitian. These sessions are tailored to meet your needs and interests, and will give you the opportunity to ask questions about good nutrition. A registered dietitian will evaluate your actual food intake over a three-day period to determine if you are meeting the nutritional needs your sport or lifestyle demands.

Topics that may be covered during these sessions include improving your body composition, how to achieve healthy muscle and weight gain, adequate hydration and eating for optimal athletic performance.

Sports nutrition counseling is a fee-for-service program. Consults are 30-60 minutes and cost $60/hour. Payment is due on date of service.  Schedule a consult at the front desk.


Registered Dietitian

WEST - Amy Mihm MS, RD, LAT is a UW Health Hospital and Clinics registered dietitian and licensed athletic trainer with a Masters degree in Health Education. She strives to empower individuals with the knowledge and ability to integrate nutritious food habits into daily life. Amy also specializes in sports nutrition and has worked with athletes of all skill levels to enhance their nutrition strategies to excel in sports performance. Her counseling strategies are based on more than ten years of clinical experience in preventive cardiology, sports nutrition and pediatric fitness.

EAST - Tami Schiltz MS, RD, CD is a UW Health Hospital and Clinics registered dietitian with a Masters degree in Human Nutritional Sciences. She received her Bachelors degree from UW-La Crosse where she majored in Exercise and Sport Science with an emphasis in Fitness along with a Strength and Conditioning Concentration. Tami has a very strong passion for eating well and moving more, and loves helping people knock down the barriers that get in the way! She is able to tailor any nutrition plan to meet your unique needs, whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, have diabetes, heart disease, or any other chronic health condition. Best of all, she can teach you how to fuel your body in order to get the most out of your workouts!


Nutritional Information

Nutrition is an integral part of any weight loss program. Good nutrition is also essential to your overall health and well-being.

The following resources will help you get started:

Nutrition classes on a variety of topics are available to Princeton Club members. Classes occur weekly at both Princeton Club West and Princeton Club East, on Tuesday (and occasionally Thursday) nights from 5-6 PM.


Contact the front desk to sign up, or to review the most recent schedule at either Princeton Club location.

For individual consultation and help with your specific nutritional needs, you may contact the front desk to set up an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.


Today's Tip

Keep a Food Journal.

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